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Safety & Security

Importance of Flashlights & Other Accessories for

Safety & Security

Flashlights have undergone many changes. Their initial build was bulky and heavy but gradually evolved into light hand carry torches which have new and smart technology used. Another change in them is using LED light which has more brightness than its ancestors. You can find the best quality flashlight at Raja Sahib on our website and in-stores. It is becoming essential to carry a flashlight as it helps identify potential threats, especially in Pakistan, where multiple blackouts in a day are constant. Some other important factors are:

Safety and Security

Protecting yourself and your house is almost everyone's first priority. But how can you do that without any torch light? A flashlight can help you see your surroundings and help light the place to walk through conveniently. LED flashlights now come with rechargeable quality and some even with batteries, which are very convenient with the current electricity situation. 


You can face any problem anytime, and in an emergency situation, light can come quite handy. If not those hand torches, then an easy-to-clip LED penlight can be your savior. You can easily store them in your bags or even your pocket for quick access. LED penlights by energizer are available at

Types & Features of Torch Lights

With advancing technology, everything is becoming accessible, and new features and options are becoming widely available. Now that there are so many options and types of torches, you must check all features and determine which one will be the best fit for your home & lifestyle.


Torches' primary purpose is to illuminate and brighten dark space. There are many torches which now give you the option of changing multiple brightness levels for your convenience. LED technology is now used in most torches as they provide more brightness. Lumen is the measurement of light output which can be between 20 to 2000 or more, so do check this feature before buying.

Usage Time

Rechargeable flashlights Have a certain runtime which can vary according to the brand and the type, i.e. DP Portable Rechargeable LED Light DP-707B has a usage time of 4 to 5 hours, taking 9 hours to charge fully. You should also check the battery capacity before buying. Camelion Rechargeable FlashLight RS-41 comes with a charging indicator which can be used during camping and repairing.

Professional Use

Apart from your daily lifestyle usage, flashlights are used for construction, military usage, mining, digging, etc. For this purpose, special professional flashlights are made which can withstand the pressure with a hard case, shatterproof glass, large push-button in case you need it to press it with gloves, a bright uniform beam and a textured grip.

We have stored multiple types of professional flashlights, such as the Energizer Hard Case Professional Flashlight HCHH-212, which has all these above-mentioned qualities. Headlamps are also available in two colors: black and blue. They are also perfect for camping and hiking.


There are multiple sizes of flashlights depending on the usage. For home you should buy a torch which is comfortable and easy to carry, this advice also goes for people who are going camping and hiking. In case you need to carry one every day for safety purposes, buy a led pen light which you can carry on your bag and even in the shirt's front pocket.

Safety & Security Gadgets at Raja Sahib Store

Intelligent Wireless Remote Control Doorbells, LED flashlight bulbs and many other gadgets are also available at Raja Sahib Online Store for your home security. If you are buying it on our website, do check all the features which are available underneath each product. This will help you in buying conveniently.

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