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In men's fashion category, shoes hold an important position in their style and fashion. Shoes provide a style and look to the whole outfit that you tend to wear which is why one must always invest in the best footwear.

Each type and style has its own purpose, if you are athletic you most probably want sneakers or joggers, for a party Chelsea boots will look the best, or for a casual friend outing, your sneakers will go perfectly.

Raja Sahib has stored the best men shoes brands in one place so that the customers can buy men's footwear conveniently.

Types of Men Shoes at Raja Sahib

There are many types of shoes and each has its own purpose to serve. You can’t wear every type of footwear to the office or wear loafers at home. For your ease let us help you in identifying the type and its purpose.

Moccasin shoes:

A comfortable yet classy option, Moccasin shoes look great with eastern and western wear. You can adorn them at dinners, casual outings, and even on Eid. 


Slip ones are laceless shoes that can be worn conveniently. Slip on shoes are comfortable and easy to wear. You can wear them with lounge wear or casual jeans tops.

Men loafers:

Cool, casual, and comfortable, men loafers are loved by almost all men. You can wear them on casual outings or even for formal events. A definite shoe type you must have in your wardrobe.

Brogue Shoes:

One of the formal men's shoe styles, brogue shoes are found in every guy's wardrobe. Especially the brown brogues, which look good and are versatile. They have unique punching styles in the front of the shoe.


As the go-to casual footwear, sneakers are comfortable yet exude a stylish look. It looks great for casual outings with your friends especially if you are going for a game.


As an athletic man, you need joggers for running. They should be strong and hold your feet comfortable so that they don’t hurt.

Always invest in a good pair of footwear as men's shoes mostly go with a lot of outfits. A pair of neutral shades of beige, white, gray, brown, and black should definitely be in a man’s closet. Apart from these types, you can get brown leather shoes, Chelsea boots, and oxford boots among others.

Top Shoes Brands in Pakistan

The main purpose of shoes is to provide stability and support to our feet which is why buying the best quality of shoes is the best option. Buying cheap shoes might cause you backache, body ache, and even foot ache as they won't support your body structure properly.

So, in this case, our best bet is to buy good branded shoes which also help in aligning our whole body and also assist in improving posture.

Some of the top men shoes brands are Bata, Service, Hush Puppies, Adidas, Nike, Skechers, Aerosoft, Levi’s, and many others in Pakistan.

Formal Men shoes online at

Raja Sahib Store has added all types of formal men's shoes online for you. Choose the color and style of your footwear and buy them asap.

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