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Latest Wedding Dresses for Girls in Winter 2022-2023

Each year we are reminded of the fact that weddings are a huge part of Pakistani people’s life especially when winter arrives. The markets come back to life, we see people hustling and bustling in the markets, buying laces, buttons, matching fabrics, and buying things they need. Whether it's your own wedding or you are invited to one, what everyone wants nowadays is to wear what is in fashion. The thing which has taken precedence in the Pakistani fashion industry is designer festive collections.

Every designer has its own niche, and they mostly stick by it. This season as well, designers have started releasing their wedding formal collections, which are unique on their own. The thing which has really captivated the customers or the general public are their campaigns. This year many designers have paid homage to the women in our entertainment industry who have served this nation and showcased their talent and gave us something we are all still cherishing.

As a person who is marrying or attending a wedding, we know how difficult of a task it is to go through each website and scroll endlessly to choose a perfect wedding dress. Online shopping or online window shopping has become a trend where you can showcase every designer's look each season. If you have stumbled upon this blog, this means you are looking for a Pakistani wedding dress for girl inspiration and probable ideas on what to buy and look amazing in. We have curated a list of the latest wedding dresses to help you this wedding season.

Here some top brands of wedding dresses for girls are:

Hussain Rehar


Starting from a name that needs no introduction, Hussain Rehar is loved by many because of his unique and exquisite collections. Using vivid and earthy hues together is an art which designers are rarely able to nail, but Hussain is a master in that art. His collection has a dreamy touch which makes people buy his dresses as soon as they are released.

His new festive collection ‘PAAR’ is a sight to behold. You can see a blend of contrasting hues with intricate embroidery blossoming all over the dress. In the words of the designer himself, “Each garment of the collection weaves together the delicate tones of contemporary designs, intricate craftsmanship rendered in distinctive color palette…”.


If we talk about the designs, long shirts with a front split are quite dominant in this collection paired either with a trouser or sharara. The mixed use of net, silk, and organza fabric is something which you can easily wear in winter and sing along Paar Chanaa De while looking effortlessly beautiful.



For someone who is looking for wedding formals, you surely must have stumbled upon Qalamkar. Their recent collection ‘خاب or Khaab’ has beautifully curated pieces worn by Sajal Ali in their campaign. From sari to lehenga choli, angrakha, anarkali, sharara to even shalwar kameez, every design can be found in their collection including simple wedding dresses.


This collection is a nod to girls who dream, a dream to be someone, to not be bound or tied down but be able to fulfill their dreams. Khaab, the journey which many women are not able to complete- a shattered dream, is something which should be changed and hence Qalamkar presents the idea “Kar Apnay Har Khaab Pai Naaz”. Be proud of what you are dreaming or have dreamt because dreaming is always the first step to make anything possible.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha (MNR)

  1. Main te mera Dilbar jaani
  2. Buliyan te pyar Kahani
  3. Saawanch aya e toofan
  4. Mausam hoya e Baimaan

Zarlish, “Aik Shaam Nigaar ke Naam’ 22” Unstitched Festive collection Vol.II is a homage by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha to women in Pakistani entertainment industry who with their talent made a strong mark in Lollywood. Each dress in his collection has a significant name, Noor Jehan,  Sheema Kirmani, Iqbal Bano, Nazia Hassan, Syrah Yousuf, Reshma Jee, Musarrat Nazir and Naseebo Lal. MNR is one of the favorite designers of brides to wear on their wedding day, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha always executes what his mind sets the target to.


This festive collection Zarlish’ 22 was a renewal of their previous years Zarlish’ 21 whose proceedings were donated to charity but this year Pakistan has been hit with devastating floods which have affected millions of people. All the proceedings of this collection went for helping the people who were affected. This range of collection is a mixture of traditional with modernity with hues ranging from light, bright to pastel palettes for Pakistani wedding dress for girl.

Ali Xeeshan

Eccentric and unconventional campaigns are the hallmark of Ali Xeeshan. His festive collection campaigns are almost always something which takes a bow towards either a social cause or a homage towards something. This creativity of his has always made him stand out among his competitors.

This year's wedding unstitched festive couture collection campaign “Shabbo Shehzadi”, celebrates all the legends of Pakistani film Industry, a homage to their relentless talent and style which are still unprecedented. If you are not living under a rock, then you must have seen the video of Ayeza Khan singing Madam Noor Jahan’s song which originally starred Shabnum Jee.

The collection is vibrant just like Ali Xeeshan’s brain, with a blend of floral motifs with architectural designs and a color palette which includes colors like bottle green, mustard, ivory, black and multi-colored. Shirts are generally long and above-knee while pairing it with lehenga, gharara, shalwar with intricate tila and sequins work.

Maryum N Maria


Maryum N Maria has become a household name when it comes to wedding bridal collections. For the upcoming wedding season, Maryum N Maria has released their bridal collection’ 22 “FLORAISON”. A collection to make you fall in love with weddings, MNM brings the soft pastel hues to you to make you fall in love with yourself.


Each ensemble is delicately designed with intricate embroidery which will surely make you glow with happiness and also vouch for the wearer’s rapturous feeling. Each design is artistically framed to make you look royal and beautiful. Lavender Lusture, one of the Floraison articles is front open slit frock with lehenga giving you a modern look for bridal maxi, something a bride can adorn on her walima. Slushy is another one of their ensembles, with soft pink hue and silver embroidery hand work. It is also a bridal maxi with beautiful and intricate neckline work which will surely make you fall in love.

Maria B.


Soft and subtle hues are generally what defines of bridal wedding dresses collection Maria B. What makes people love her brand is the subtleness and the feminine touch it oozes. Her new wedding wear collection Estelle is a made to order bridal collection for the modern brides. While fully staying in her element, Maria B has provided us with a variety of styles in one collection.


The Ice Blue ensemble in Estelle collection is just breathtaking, it strikes you down like lightning, each detail on the dress has something to drool over. The dress is a luxurious long gown with a double beaded neckline combined with pearly details. She has paired it with a tulle based lehenga which makes the work on the gown stand out.

Fully contrasting and providing her customers a bridal look with crimson lehenga choli with green beaded neckline, makes it stand out more than the others. Each dress of this collection is a class of its own.

Sana Safinaz

When it comes to wedding wear, Sana Safinaz has made a mark in bridal wear as well. Each piece of their wedding collection is just strikingly beautiful, it looks out of this world. The details make you want to hold it with care and love as you can feel the connection. In their collection of bridal couture you can find any style you can resonate with. A modern silhouette and work with intricate designs, Sana Safinaz mixes the subtle hues so beautifully that you surely would want to own their bridal wedding dresses.


Most of their designs have a noir tulle with antique silver and rose gold work, with another with floral and botanical layout. Each article has a modern look and sleek silver work with monochromatic colors, to make the bride feel like the woman of the hour.

Simple Wedding Dresses: A New Trend

With changing times and traditions, people are looking for simple wedding dresses. They don't want to spend a lot of money on the wedding and opt for a simple wedding dress to save those bucks for the future. For this purpose we are including some brands which are light on your pockets yet stylish and beautiful to wear.



Are you looking for bridal wedding dresses which are not heavy on your pocket? Then Motifz is just the place for you. Their dresses are simple yet stylish and the best part is that it’s price is just perfect. The work on the dress is neither too heavy nor too light, just perfect for someone looking for simple wedding dresses.

Threads & Motifs


Their recent wedding collection “Noor-E-Sehar” has bridal wedding dresses as well as dresses which are simple to wear on someone else’s wedding. Most of their dresses are organa with embroidery details on net fabric. You can also find dresses with a blend of ethnic and modern style to give the outfit a perfect bridal look. Their wedding dress collection is of ivory to white hues which are perfect to wear for evening or daytime, whenever you desire.

Final Words

Pakistani wedding collections have a huge fan following and not just nationally but internationally as well. This is what makes our industry so great. The fashion industry is also aware of the recent catastrophe Pakistan has gone through and has made ample impact through their dedication and work. Not just this, through their campaigns they have provided us with the social dilemmas which Pakistan is in. As this industry is growing, you will find multiple options for wedding dresses and we are sure you will find something to wear that you’ll love.

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