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The Latest Lehenga Designs for Girls | Wedding & Formal Wears

Pakistani weddings have a life of their own from bride to groom to elders and children, everyone is eagerly involved in its process. We can all agree that the bride is always the center of attention especially because of her whole wedding attire. In South Asia, brides tend to adorn the lehenga which is one of the most famous wedding dresses to date.

A lehenga generally consists of three-piece attire: a lehenga which is a long skirt from waist to ankle, a blouse or choli worn on top and a dupatta which can be draped depending on the style you are adopting. If we look back at its history, the lehenga was introduced in the 10th century during the Mughal era. Although it existed before their rule, mainly in the areas of Rajasthan and Gujrat, it was commonised after the Mughal family adopted it. Slowly with changing years and centuries, new style evolution of lehengas can be seen with each person giving it its own magical touch.

The grandeur royal aesthetic, a lehenga gives, is something which no other wedding attire can provide you. lehenga designs are ever-changing, you can get one made with detailed hand embroidery to maybe even get a printed one or maybe one made with net fabric, the types are endless. In Pakistan, many brands have made a name for themselves in bridal formals such as HSY, Ali Xeeshan, Zainab Salman, Zuria Dor, Saira Shakira, Deepak Parwani, Faraz Mannan, etc. - the list is endless. Not just in Pakistan, but internationally even, Pakistani designers are making a name for themselves. Just now, Sara Ali khan-an Indian actress was seen wearing Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s lehenga choli for a magazine shoot. Here we will look at the trending Lehenga designs for girls which they can wear on nikkah, mehndi, barat or walima functions.

The Most Popular Lehenga Designs for Women

The Classic-Red Bridal Lehenga Choli Design


Red is the color chosen by millions of brides for their wedding. Lehenga choli in red color always looks beautiful and gives a classic touch. It can be styled in multiple ways or with different styles of cholis. Ali Xeeshan’s recent collection consists of pure raw silk lehenga with detailed embroidery work of pitta, tilla and gotta work. He paired the lehenga with a floral dupatta, giving it a twist of his own. Zainab Salman chose a crimson red color lehenga choli adorned with floral embellishments and embroidery with a net dupatta. With a red sleeveless embroidered blouse, red lehengas’ details pop more.

Net Lehenga Designs


Net lehenga can be adorned with multiple styles of cholis. With that tulle-net fabric, lehengas are also in fashion. It will surely make you drool as it is perfect for your nikkah look. Net lehengas are light and airy, making them perfect for summer weddings. Although it can be styled differently by making a long embellished shirt with it so you can adorn it with a blouse with sheesha work. Maryam Nawaz Sharif wore a net lehenga with sheesha work by Indian ace designer Abhinav Mishra. It was an icy blue customized net lehenga for her son’s mehendi.

Lehenga with Long Gown/Jacket


Long Gown’s lehenga has been in for quite some time. The long gowns are worn above the whole lehenga-choli and give an ethereal look to the outfit. For a whole bridal look, you can get an embellished gown with a basic fit & flare lehenga. Ayesha Umar in Saira Shakira was a sight to behold in their recently launched bridal collection. Adorning a floor-length ivory-white colored embellished gown with lehenga and blouse of raw silk, gave us a much-needed refresh piece of work. This lehenga style has started trending because, after the wedding, brides can change their style by not wearing the gown with the lehenga blouse and wearing it with a dupatta.

Lehenga Shirt Designs


Contemporary with a classic twist is tested on and off by different designers. But a lehenga with a shirt design is something which really hit it off. A dark-colored embellished lehenga with a white t-shirt knotted from the front gives a really modern look. You can rock this style in sangeet function while dancing as it gives comfort and ease which a blouse might not be able to give. You can also change the coloring effect by choosing a black or bright-pink color shirt with a light-colored lehenga.

Lehenga Kurti Design


Pakistani and Indian girls know how stylish a kurti looks. A kurti is a short shirt with long sleeves and side slits. Their place was taken by cholis with lehengas but they have made a sudden comeback. A kurti can be designed in different ways by changing its length from waist to knee to in between. A yellow kalidar lehenga with a short same-colored kurti and a net dupatta will look ethereal on a mehendi or a dholki.

Open-slit Shirt with Lehenga


Front open slit shirts with lehengas can be seen being designed by almost all designers. It looks dazzling and also gives a magnificent ideal look for your wedding. The net shirt with hand-embroidery work on it with a contrasting colored lehenga will give a new look to your wedding attires. The shirt can be of different sizes depending on your style preference.

Rajasthani Leheriya-work Lehengas


Rajasthan is a state in India, known for its vivid coloured outfits. Lehengas were initially adopted by the Rajasthani women's fashion and became widespread. Today I am going to introduce you to a trending style of Rajasthani Lehenga. It exhibits a traditional style of tie-dye and creates layers or lehers. You can style these leheriya lehengas depending on your personal style or maybe even adorn them with some traditional Rajasthani jewellery to give a real touch. Priyanka Chopra was seen wearing a Rajasthani lehariya work lehenga at her wedding.

Black Lehenga Designs


Something which wasn’t seen before and is now becoming a trend is black lehenga designs. Black- a color considered bad luck to wear on such an auspicious day like a wedding had been shunned away by the people, is now acceptable to wear. Black lehengas with mirror-work or black embellishments on them look like a night sky full of stars.

Banarsi Jamawar Lehenga


Banarsi fabric has been used for weddings for years but for a lining or a trouser. Sabyasachi, an ace Indian designer, worn and loved by Bollywood stars popularised the banarsi-jamawar lehenga. A banarsi fabric's main base is made up of silk and the design work you see on it is zari design. It looks beautiful as the zari work shines through giving a full impression of real work. The banarsi lehenga with a broad gold lower border and a well-fitted border is a sight to behold.

Ombre Lehenga Designs


The Ombre colour trick is to seamlessly blend one color hue into another, creating a style which rarely can’t be achieved by everyone. The lehenga color coordination can go from the light color on top and slowly blend into a darker color. The colours create an enchanting look which I believe a single color can’t create. Either keep it simple and let the colors show their magic which can be perfect for Mehndi lehenga design and style. Another way could be to get hand embroidery of golden, silver or bronze to exude a more bridal style.

Floral Organza Lehenga


You must have seen floral saree’s a lot by now but the new trend of printed floral lehenga is something you won’t get tired of. Floral printed organza lehenga gives you that lehenga flares you most of us dream of and the best part is it suits every body type. As organza can be found in multiple shades and is easily dyed you can also get a plain organza lehenga. Floral print is the new craze and it's an established fact now that floral printed organza fabric look is something which anyone can rock. A kalidar lehenga or floral organza can be worn on mehndi or for a sangeet look.

Velvet Lehenga


Velvet fabric has that royal look which makes anyone adorning it feel like a princess. A well-stitched good quality velvet lehenga with an embellished choli is something which will make heads turn. You can style it with two dupattas with one being a net/chiffon dupatta to cover the head and the other being a velvet dupatta to keep on the shoulder. Velvet lehengas are perfect for a winter wedding.

The best part about lehengas is that anyone can wear them and look beautiful. With the fast-changing fashion trends, one thing remains the same which is to wear something you are comfortable in. Many Pakistani designers have all the above-mentioned trending designs of lehengas. In Pakistan, you also can get them stitched by your local tailor after buying the desired fabric. This list of trending lehenga designs can help you in selecting a lehenga for your wedding functions or if you are thinking of attending someone else's.

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