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Latest Winter Collection Ideas & Designs for Women in 2022

Chilly evenings, waiting for the sun to show its face, hot cup of chai/coffee in hands and warm cozy winter clothes, these thoughts make me want winter to come asap. As the winter is approaching, my question to you is- are you prepared for the weather and the winter dresses to wear? In case you are not then let me help you by giving winter dress design ideas. Dress designing in winter is quite different from summer designing. Mainly because in winter, depending on its severity, you might have to layer yourself more. This leaves minimum style design for your dresses but have no worries.

Another thing which most people get confused about is which fabric is best for winter in Pakistan. As Pakistan produces almost every type of fabrics, from cotton to silk, wool, Pashmina, marina, silk and even jute. You can easily and conveniently buy these fabrics from Pakistani markets. But what gets in the way is the confusion on how to design it.

As the winters are coming, brands have started releasing their winter collection. Gul Ahmed, Al Karam, Bonanza, Khaadi and many others have started to launch their autumn and winter collection Pakistan, so what are you waiting for? Oh right, you might be confused on how to design your dresses. Well not to worry because we will guide you on everything winter related from design to fabric to how to look stylish and carry your winter dresses.

Voguish Winter Collection for Ladies

The Pakstyle winter collection is awaited by a lot of women as soon as summer comes to an end. With this in mind, clothing brands start releasing their winter collections which seem different from each other and they try to adopt different designs and styles.

Long shirt with Coat Collar


Coats are winter clothing items for outerwear use. Coat collars on a long shirt are one of the designs in fashion. Using a different print for the collar will make your shirt print more prominent and will look ethereal. You can also easily carry it on khaddar fabric or even linen and wear a shawl with it. This style can be seen in the Gul Ahmed winter collection Vol I with multiple different styles of coat collars.

Tassel without any hassle


Hanging tassels on your dress or even on dupattas provides an exquisite, dainty look. You can choose to use only one large tassel or a smaller one depending on your style. You can also use both such as small tassels on sleeves and large tassels on the neck design. Another way you can style it is to use small tassels on shirts with pleats. Al Karam and Bonanza have used tassels in different ways on Khaddar and viscose suits.

Pants with a twist


In summer, where most of the designs are focused on shirts, winter is the time when you can focus on different pant/trouser styles as well. Using laces, buttons and even designer pleats on trousers will give a different and new style to your whole outfit. This pleated trouser by Gul Ahmed has also incorporated a contrasting lace on trousers whereas a tapped pant style by Khaadi also looks stylish.

A Chequered Marina


Chequered print always gives off a winter vibe. This is why you see chequered printed frocks, shawls, coats and jackets in winters. Charizma has beautifully incorporated chequered patterns in their winter collection in multiple colors. Incorporating larger chequered prints with smaller ones with embroidery is something which will surely steal your heart.

Pure Pashmina Shawl


Pashmina fabric also exudes class and sophistication. Originally made and hand-woven in Kashmir, Pashmina Shawls are a class apart. The different hand embroidery or block-printing with plain suits always stands out. You can choose a light-colored pashmina shawl or a dark-colored one. Because a pashmina shawl has its grace so it will automatically make any outfit of yours look beautiful. Nida Azwer Atelier has stocked up beautiful pure pashmina shawls.

Short and Long Jacket


A jacket in winter is something which is widely used. You can design it in many ways from making it small to long till feet. With the winter approaching, wedding season is as well and you have to get luxury formal dresses. You can make a velvet jacket with embroidery and embellishments with the raw silk outfit. It will definitely make you stand out. Naqsh has given this design its own taste. On the other hand, an organza jacket with screen printing will look perfect for semi-formal functions.

Which Fabric is Best for Winter in Pakistan?

As the winters are cold and chilly, the fabric used in winters is what keeps you warm. As the women in Pakistan generally wear Shalwar kameez, the fabric options get a little limited. But there are still many types of fabrics which can be worn and used in winters such as cotton, pashmina, velvet, marina, khaddar, cotton, chenille, wool, viscose and jacquard. Let me help you with how you can identify them.


Khaddar fabric is widely used in winter collections in casual wear. Khaddar is a natural fiber and is hand woven mostly. Its source can be dated back to the subcontinent to present-day Pakistan and India. Printed and plain khaddar fabric can be found in cloth markets and by brands.


Wool is derived from different animal hair such as sheep, rabbits, goats and others. Wool is best for harsh winter weather as it is mostly used for outerwear such as sweaters, socks, cardigans, shrugs, etc.


Pashmina fabric is a fine type of cashmere used to make shawls. You surely must know about Pashmina shawls from Kashmir  which are handwoven and hand-embroidered. Pashmina shawls look beautiful in winter.


Jacquard also known as brocade is a fabric which has complex patterns interwoven into it. Dresses, trousers, jackets, and suits can be stitched by using jacquard fabric for semi-formal or even casual wear.


Marina dresses are made purely for winter use as they can regulate according to your body temperature. It is made from linen but is a bit thicker making it a winter-friendly fabric. It can easily be dyed which is why women love to use it.


Velvet is one of the most commonly used fabrics in winter as it keeps the person warm. Its front surface is soft and luxurious characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut fibers. Velvet can be used to make frocks, suits, and shawls.

Cotton, linen, corduroy, flannel, hemp, down and fleece are also winter fabrics. Some are best for outerwear and some for inner wear, shalwar kameez and shirts. The thing which makes you stand out is not the material but rather how you are dressing up and wearing a certain type of fabric. Now that you know which type of fabrics look best in winter, let me help you with how you can wear stylish clothes.

How can I wear stylish clothes in winter?

Winters can get harsh depending on the location you are in. so there are some things which you should keep in mind in winter.

Always keep yourself warm:

Wear vests and leggings under your outfits to keep yourself warm. You can buy nude color inner so that they are not prominent. If you're warm from your inner wear it’ll be easy to style your clothes.

Shawls are your best friend:

If you are wearing an eastern style of dress, for example, shalwar kameez, invest in good shawls. Pashmina and velvet shawls always make one look regal and also keep you warm.

Black and White Sweaters:

If you are wearing eastern wear, do invest in a good quality sweater and jeans. You can also buy leather jackets as they look really good in winter. Do buy black, white and off-white sweaters as they generally go with almost all dresses.

Appropriate Accessory:

Another thing which you should never miss is winter-appropriate accessories. Big chunky earrings or big hoops depending on what you're wearing will always make your outfit oomph.

Cozy Fur:

Cozy fur outerwear is always in and it goes with both eastern and western wear. And the best part, it keeps you super warm.

Winter Collection Sale 2022

As the collections are dropping, the winter collection sale in 2022 will be announced soon. But I would suggest not to wait for sale as your favorite designs might get out of stock. But you should keep on checking your favorite brands' websites or leading and trusted shopping stores such as Raja Sahib Online Store, Laam, Daraz and many others.

Lastly, winter in Pakistan comes for a limited amount of time. Do play with your style and try new designs for yourself, this will give you a new boost of confidence and stand out at functions. But my tip to you will be to always keep your comfort in check because a comfort will make you happy.

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