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Pantone Color Ideas for Winter Clothes in 2022-2023

Colors are what define us as human beings. The distinction between people, language, culture, ideologies has divided our world but what unites us? We believe the way we see colors, the beauty of getting to see and enjoy the same color as the other pair of eyes sees is what brings all of us together. Red is red for us, blue is blue, yellow is yellow and so on. Of course each color is created through a unique blend of different colors and that distinct one color shade from another.

Today we will discuss Pantone color of the year. Each year Pantone releases a color of the year and for 2022, 17-3938 ‘Very Peri’ was announced. The significance of this color is on the future which is going to change and the past which changed our lives. Covid virus pandemic transformed our lives and its different aspects. The color ‘Very Peri’ dares us to dream and display a carefree confidence as we rewrite our future through different times. From isolation to a life which we once lived among the people, it has surely impacted us.


‘Very Peri’ made waves all over the world where every fashion brand introduced this color in their collection. Same was the impact in Pakistan, if you didn’t notice it before, Very Peri was in every brand's collection and is still going strong even in winters. From casual to formal to even wedding clothes, Very Peri was a choice of many. Although no exact shade of Very Peri was utilized, shades relating to it or matching it such as lilac, purple, were used which showed the significance Pantone color of the year has.

Winter Clothes with a Very Peri Twist

If you weren’t attentive during the summer time and didn’t notice Very Peri in the lawn collection of every brand then worry not because Very Peri is here to stay this winter as well. From formal to casual to winter wear, Very Peri is very much prominent in the winter clothes in Pakistan.

Let’s delve into the winter fashion and look into the fashion catalog of Pakistani brands and how they have incorporated Very Peri and its matching shades.

Basic Cardigan


Sweaters in winters are the top priority as it protects from the winter while also giving you a taste of warmth and fashion after layering up. Sapphire recently released their west by sapphire collection which majorly consisted of winter wear, from jackets, coats, sweaters to jeans and tops. A color which was dominant in their West by Sapphire collection was Very Peri and its color palette hues.


A basic simple cardigan comes quite handy as it goes with your everyday eastern to western look quite comfortably. This lilac to Very Peri shade cardigan will go perfectly with loose wide legged or white jeans which the model is originally rocking. Front open textured cardigan is also just perfect for this winter. Breakout’s open textured cardigan with crop top and jeans is a great combo for winter clothes. You can get a Very Peri front open cardigan on their website with ease.

These basic cardigans are available almost in every brand and are one of the most basic sweater types but go great with every outfit.

Chic Cape Shawls

Aren’t women cape shawls just the perfect invention? It looks chic as well as gives the taste of the eastern vibes which we love oh so much. Unlike normal shawls which are rectangular and have an unstructured fit, cape shawls almost mimic a sweater, and shawl mix, and have a certain structure which goes above your shoulders but you can’t wrap it around like you can with a shawl.


A Very Peri colored cape shawl is just perfect for this winter season, and you can rock it with loose fitted jeans and a light colored t-shirt below to make your cape shawl more prominent. This West by Sapphire cape shawl is a great piece to have in your wardrobe especially as winter clothes. You can have a look out at the winter sale which goes live by the end of the year.

A Very Peri Kameez


As a Pakistani kameez holds a special place in our fashion style. You must have seen almost all brands incorporating Very Peri and its relevant shades in their collection with their own element. Wear Manto as a fashion brand has made their own style statement while incorporating and giving an ode to the writing of Saadat Hasan Manto in their collections. They have a strong customer base not just because of Manto but also because of their good-quality clothes. One of their shirts which incorporated very peri as the base color felt unique with a little touch of bright color prints and writing on top of it.


While another one is a plain kurta trouser matched with one of their Tarz Scarf beautifully incorporating the Very Peri hues with blue shade. This scarf will be a perfect collection to your wardrobe, and you can style it with so many other clothes.

Very Desi Peri Girl


Winter always brings with itself the wedding season which stays with us for months because of that we know you are always looking for wedding inspiration dresses. When winter starts there is sale on brands through which you can buy clothes in lesser amounts. This saree by Sammy K rocked by the beautiful Saboor Ali is a perfect formal attire for you to rock in this wedding season.


With Very Peri trending, this will be a perfect color for you to don on your friends wedding. You can  also style it the way Mansha Pasha has with an embellished blouse and plain silk saree. Sale on brands is a perfect opportunity for you to buy these saree’s, so visit your favorite saree brands to know when they go on sale.

Broadway Returns in Winter

The new Mushq collection Broadway returns styled here by Sona Rafiq is a beautiful ensemble with the Very Peri Twist. With a long shirt and self-embroidery, this style is just perfect for this winter. Pair this style with an embroidered shawl and you are all Mushq ready.


This style captivated us because of their broadway styling and also incorporating a Parisian hat with an eastern outfit which is quite difficult to achieve. But we just love the way it has been styled by the amazing Yasar Aziz.

This collection has taken away the spotlight from other brands' winter clothes collection because of the way they have incorporated each and every aspect such as styling, photography and minimal jewelry with even taking care of the little detailing. Sale on brands go live during and by the end of winter so keep on checking their website or wholesale websites such as Raja Sahib, Laam, Sanaullah and others where Mushq is available.

Very Flowy Peri


A casual wear frock needs to be in your wardrobe asap. It's flowy and the colors are just perfect to make your dull winters a little fun. You can rock this frock with a dark colored coat or jacket to give a perfect winter look. The model is wearing nude colored heels, for a lunch date with your friends this will look perfect, but to make it an everyday casual look, style it with white shoes for you to comfortably look chic.


Another flowy style is this long shirt with cuff details by breakout. Its new and zesty orange stripes combo with very peri has made it more alluring. Style it with a shawl for winters with skin fitting jeans or rights to also keep you warm in winters. You can also pair it with the front open cardigan on top in a very peri color. Winter sale is a perfect opportunity for you to buy these flowy pieces at less prices.

PeriPeri Shawl

Shawls are one of the most used winter accessories. It protects you from the cold breezy winter air and also provides the style element. Although Kashmiri Pashmina shawls have a strong base in South Asia but with different textures and patterns a new twist is given.


This diamond patterned textured shawl and the chevron patterned winter shawl by breakout in Very Peri color can be worn with eastern and western clothing.

Sale on brands goes live multiple times over the year, you can always avail those sales to buy your favorite very peri pieces.

Last Words

In winters you have to layer up, for that a great tip is to always invest in pieces which you can style with other pieces of clothes and also stay with you for years. Instead of going for something of lesser quality, you must invest and find clothes which are of your style and are of good quality.

Currently, fast fashion has changed the idea of buying statement fashion pieces and people keep on buying clothes from fast fashion brands which in the longer run is helping in exploiting our environment and earth. One must always be wary of how, where and what they are contributing, especially something which is endangering our existence on our planet. Also, always be on the lookout for winter sale, which is a perfect opportunity for you to buy your favorite clothes at a minimal price.

In case you want to know what the next year's 2023 Pantone color of the year is then you have to wait till January.

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