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The Most Trendy Frock Designs for Women in 2022

Women’s fashion trends are always evolving, if one season has adopted a short-length design then the other might opt for a longer length. The best part of current fashion trends is that their main focus is comfort while also helping you keep up with Pakistani and international fashion. Frocks are something you’ll find in every country and culture with their rendition. Pakistan being a multicultural country is quite diverse and because of this diversity, we get to see many cultural outfits, from the Kashmiri style of frocks to Gilgit or Sindhi with a modern touch or a contrast with another culture.

Frocks suit every age group of women and are comfortable considering a frock is open and flowy from the bottom. You can wear a long heavy embellished frock to a weddings function or wear a lawn one to your office or university. Styling a frock isn’t difficult, anything can go with it from tights to trousers to even shalwars. A frock has multiple types and designs, some are incorporated from the west while others have been present in South Asia since the Mughal era or even older than them.

With new styles and changing designs of frocks, you might get confused about what is what and which design will suit you the best. What you need for that is to find your favorite design from our below-mentioned list and choose the one which clicks with your heart. Not to worry, for your convenience, we have given details of each frock design and have also mentioned the way you can wear it.

Try Pakistani Frock Designs for Women

Anarkali Frock

‘Delicate bud of the pomegranate flower is Anarkalis' literal meaning. The pomegranate’s flower bud shape is close from the start and from mid to the end it opens up and this is exactly the shape of an Anarkali frock. Designed as a fit and flare frock, Anarkali dresses go up to ankle-length or knee-length. Long frock designs have always stayed in fashion and are loved by many women in Pakistan and India. This style of frock originated in the Mughal Era and has from there on transitioned and evolved. Designers give it its touch from using different fabrics to make the frock to using light or heavy embroidery.


Anarkali goes well with Churipajama, palazzo, trousers, leggings etc. From simple everyday wear to weddings, Anarkali frocks can be adorned anywhere. A wedding look with an Anarkali frock can be styled with a lehenga and a long Anarkali frock giving the whole outfit a reason to be twirled. It is a must for every girl to have in her closets as they are comfortable yet stylish and will never go out of style.

Any woman, of any age group, can wear it without any hesitation as it is modest and covers the whole body. For a Pakistani bride, a full long-length angrakha frock will be perfect as it exudes a traditional and regal look.

Peplum Short Frock

A style derived from the west which was initially a short fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket or coat. This style was then incorporated by eastern designers and short peplum frocks were introduced. Peplum frocks are well fitted from the top and then a pleated strip of fabric is attached to the top from the waist to create a flounce, shorter from the front and longer from behind. They go well with shararas, ghararas, lehengas, bell bottoms and even palazzos.


Peplum frocks have become a favorite because of their unique style and are considered one of the short frock designs. Women while adorning peplum frocks feel ultra-modern and chic and this is why we see this style in formal dress designs to bridals. Almost every Pakistani designer has added a twist to peplum frocks.

Angrakha Frock

I mean who doesn't love angrakhas, they exude the classic and traditional style of South Asia. Its literal meaning was the protection of the body, this style originated from Rajasthan and was worn by men there who needed protection during war/fights. An angrakhas silhouette is styled as an overlapping opening which is then tied to the other end either through buttons, tussles, loops or knots on the top and the bottom is either light or heavy pleated.


Of course with changing fashion, angrakha has also evolved. The top angrakha design has remained the same but the half-bottom length can be changed to short or long depending on your preference. Generally, it is longer as that is the traditional length style of angrakha. Angrakha style can be applied in lawn frock design as it is something which can be adorned in casual everyday life or during weddings where this style is made by using embellishments and embroidery on it. Go to any wedding in Pakistan and you will surely see a woman adorning an angrakha style frock.

Front Open Frock

Front open-slit frocks are the rave currently. You can see every designer or brand's rendition on the front open frock. The generation has presented an open frock by using jacquard fuchsia with printed floral on top of it. Their rendition is something unique as generally a front open frock is closed from the top and open from waist length. But Generation's twist is that it closes through a tussle and splits open and from the top they have used a purple-colored fabric, giving an illusion of a jacket style.


You will see every celebrity wearing a front open frock as they are currently trending and look super chic. The long front open frocks are perfect for a wedding look but can also be worn in daily life of course depending on your fabric. For the bottom, you can wear it with tights, or trousers and for a wedding can be worn with a gharara.

Puff Sleeves Frock

Puffed or balloon sleeves are voluminous at the shoulder and are gradually puffed out when they reach the wrist with longer sleeves. The shorter puff sleeves are above the elbow and give a more modern touch. The puff sleeves are associated with romance and femininity.


A puff sleeves frock’s fabric is usually light as they are considered a summer fashion style. This is why it can be incorporated in net frock designs, where the body and flare of the frock are of the net and the sleeves are of organza or tissue as these two fabrics give more volume than other fabrics. Kids and women alike can wear net frocks with puffed sleeves, perfect for birthday parties. The frock can go as long as you want or as short as you want, what can be more perfect than this?

Long Tail Frock

Do you know what looks majestic and feminine? A beautiful long tail frock. Giving an ethereal and royal look a long tail frock can be worn at wedding functions with heavy embellishments and bridal jewellery, on the tail you can stitch a tissue fabric frill to give a detailed finish to it. A walima bride with a long tail frock of subtle color such as peachy or pistachio with heavy embroidery will make a style entrance which will surely make the mouths drop in awe. In case you are forgetting, Priyanka Chopra adorned a long tail frock at her western-styled wedding with Nick Jonas. Everyone who saw it had their jaws dropped to the ground.


Are you confused about what to wear to your bridal shower? We have the perfect frock idea for you. A tail frock design can also be adorned on bridal showers as they give an exquisite look and also shows who is the woman of the hour. The top from shoulder to the waist can be laced with sequin embellishments, with box plates starting from the waist and making the long tail frock. The flowing of the tail frock always grabs attention and if you have decided on making a grand entrance at your function then this design will be perfect for you.

Tiered Frock

How can we forget tiered frocks which look modern and chic and are a blessing in summer? The generation has stored long double tiered frock designs in multiple colors. They have given it a traditional style with kurta sleeves so that it can be worn with trousers or with tights. A double or multi-tiered frock can be a perfect dress for you to take on your summer vacation. It exudes the charm of a perfect summer outfit loved by people in the west and now in the east.


The tiered frock can also look good with puffed sleeves or sleeveless. A floral printed tiered dress also looks great if you are attending someone's bridal shower. Meanwhile, a light solid colored tiered frock will work best for a vacation look. These are some of the styles we have mentioned as there are so many which you can find according to your style.

Last Words

Frocks are these one style which we believe are always going to stay in fashion with a few modifications. From eastern style frocks to western, whichever one you choose to wear will surely look good as frocks complement every body shape. You feel comfortable in them, especially in summer and also for people looking for modest outfits it can be your best friend. Visit our website at and choose the right-one lengha or frocks for your big day.

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