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Watches (Men)

Luxurious and Classy Watches for Men

For buying efficient quality watches for men, Raja Sahib is selling an exclusive collection of top-notch brands. Before ordering your faves from men’s fashion, head to the guide below.

Tips for Buying Watches for Men

  • Foremost, determine why you are buying a watch for men. Is it a gift to someone in particular or are you just going to add luxury into your routine? In case you are gifting it to someone, it is essential to determine beforehand the watch priorities of the gift receiver.
  • Second are the technical or appearance features of a watch, which we have also explained later in our article. Consider mindfully whether you like Tissot watches or does Timex better meet your expectations. Another universally anticipated characteristic is the water resistance quality. The fluids like sweat and rainwater can penetrate through the watch, therefore, for some, this aspect matters a lot for the product’s safety.
  • Another prime point you should keep in your mind is the collection of analog watches and digital watches. Which one do you prefer and why? The logical reasons are necessary to comprehend before buying the product. It can also assist you in shortlisting the brand, for example, Naviforce watches are both analog and digital in stock.

Features of Watches for Men

First comes the shape, size, color, and interior as well as exterior design of the dial. Not all dials are the same, for sure, and not all of them possess the shape of a circle. Moreover, in most dials, there is the Roman numeral system, and for some, this is a hard-hitting task to understand.

There are also chronograph watches, which have the stopwatch or quality to measure time, such as Tissot watches which are available in the chronograph collection of RS.

The watch companies manufacture various kinds of straps or bands as well. For example, there is leather and stainless steel, however, each individual prefers a different kind. Moreover, it is also a matter of bracelet watches.

Many brands also do not construct the second hand in the dials of their watches. This can minimize the ticking sound to a great extent, nevertheless, the wearer becomes unable to determine the seconds.

Different Brands of Men's Watches

We offer an assortment of brands to choose the watches for men. Such as Casio, Timex, Rhythm, Naviforce, Kenneth Cole, and Romanson. At present, our collection is luxury and well-suited for office wear. Besides, some brand watches are analog while others are digital watches.

Even you can find the combo of these features in many of our time-viewing products. These brands have variants of leather and bracelet straps and are notable enough to make a man classy.

Some of the present products are Tissot T-Sport Chrono XL Chronograph Men's Watch, Naviforce NF9182 Multi-Function Digital/Analog Casual Steel Watch, and Romanson Men's Analog Watch.

Watches for Men at Raja Sahib Store

The prices of men’s Naviforce watches price in Pakistan are affordable just like our women’s watches and manageable for men of various occupations. Besides, there are also our discount offers which usually arrive on major occasions and some discounts remain all year long. The most common percentage of discount currently on is 20%.

For viewing Tissot watches price in Pakistan at, first select Tissot from the filters.