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SSLJS 22 09 Sunehri Shaam Luxury Formals Jacquard Series
SSLJS 22 09 Sunehri Shaam Luxury Formals Jacquard Series
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SSLJS 22 09 Sunehri Shaam Luxury Formals Jacquard Series

Al Zohaib Textile

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Al Zohaib Textile

Having been in operation for more than three decades, Al Zohaib is one of the top fashion brands. They have since made investments in cutting-edge technology to provide their customers with decorations, digital printing, and embroidery on their dresses. Al Zohaib clothing provided multiple ranges of products on its website. With this, they also provide high-quality lawn collections, which the women surely are going to love.

Alzohaib New Collection 2024

All new collections are available at Raja Sahib. The collections included are khaddar formals, embroidered, and multiple others. They use multiple fabrications for every collection. This gives the client multiple options to choose from. Some of the collections are.

Daily Wear Collection: The daily wear collections are also of multiple types and are three-piece unstitched collections. The collections included in this category are: Colors Digital Printed Cambric Doriya Dupatta-22, Anum Digital printed Cambric collection and multiple others.

Formal collections: The sunehri Shaam luxury collection is also available at Raja Sahib which you can scroll and see above. Their formal luxury collections are perfect to wear to the wedding of your loved one. Another is the Rung Digital Embroidered collection, a perfect collection to wear every day at home to relax. Their exquisite and top-quality fabric is perfect to wear and style every day.

Signature Series: their signature series is available in 3 pieces, 2 pieces,s and 1 piece as well. In case you're looking for the perfect Kurtis to wear to your school then alzohaib new collection for 2022 includes the white and black Kurti. You can wear this Kurti at school, college, and even at the office. It will make you look amazing.

Designer Series: their designer series also sell multiple collections. These collections are available for all seasons. Which include the summer and winter seasons. But fabrications are different as the season is different. You can get all the winter collections with alzohaib sale on Raja Sahib.

Alzohaib Sale on Raja Sahib

You can find all collections of Al zohaib on sale at This is the perfect opportunity to buy and add all the clothes for your winter. Your wardrobe will surely be filled with the perfect clothing collections. And also on sale is the best part of it.
Al zohaib all collections and the upcoming ones are exquisite and are available in print form and also with embroidery work on them. This makes their clothing one of the most beautiful ones. You will love adorning their collections anywhere you go. With subtle colors and style, Alzohaib fabrics and collections are a must-have.