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Kitchen Appliances

Find the Perfect Kitchen Appliances at Raja Sahib

It’s all about efficiency! The online kitchen accessories are broadly available at Raja Sahib Store. Read below to determine which brands we support and what our premium kitchen assortment is to add value to your cooking routine.

List of Kitchen Accessories or Appliances

Beaters and Mixers

With the lightweight and easy-to-use functionality, these devices have the ability to make the beating and mixing tasks fun and time-saving for you. If you look carefully into our assortment, we have the picks that are easier to hold as well, with apt-shaped and sized grips on the top.

In addition, the elegant designs encompass the color white, which makes both the beating as well mixing luxurious.

Coffee Makers

From Geepas Turkish Coffee Maker GCM-41515 to Sencor Coffee Maker SCE-5000BK, the vibrancy of red, black, and silver with effectual designs makes the coffee making and coffee drinking processes more enticing.

Besides, there are a couple of features that you should inspect beforehand, for instance, the number of cups as a coffee maker’s capacity and the presence of an overflow prevention system. Our collection also retains kettle handles with heat insulation.


Whether for beating the heat or nourishing your body, juicers play a very vital role and are commonly used in households as well. With automatic pulp separators and powerful motors, we have incorporated brands that never underestimate the quality.

Some of the brands are Dawlance, Kenwood, Panasonic, and Alpina.

Roti Makers

For all the South Asian cuisine admirers, more specifically, the Pakistani and Indian cuisine, we have the finest collection of roti makers. The light indicators, non-stick coating, and automatic temperature control are the perfect traits to ease your roti-making process.

Salad Makers

Their compact build alongside sharp nozzles and automatic operation will blow all your cooking worries away. It is a lot more convenient than grating the vegetables. Just load the appliance with vegetables and you are good to go.

Benefits of Buying Kitchen Appliances

  • An appliance itself is a gadget that assists in performing a particular task. In the case of kitchen appliances, you can reduce your workload of cooking, however, we also have the collection to help you through the kitchen cleaning procedure, but for the products like vacuum cleaners, you gotta check out our home appliances
  • Furthermore, such appliances now have lots of types or categories to fit your cooking regime. They assist in making salads, preparing coffee, extracting juice, chopping, toasting, and much more, as we stated a little earlier too.
  • Eventually, the user can save time; instead of doing the minute kitchen chores, he or she can chat with a long-lost friend and spend some moments with elders, which otherwise has become obsolete due to the advent of digital technology.
  • Besides, these kitchen accessories in Pakistan are also energy saviors. They rescue you from exhausting tasks like grinding meat and igniting fire by hand. This requires much more dedication and force from a person which oftentimes is impossible because of today’s hectic routines and health scenarios.

Buy Online Kitchen Appliances from

Kitchen accessories’ online shopping from Raja Sahib comes with an abundance of advantages like the affordable shipment and the shipment to other countries as well, although our base is in Pakistan. Moreover, you can also observe all the exquisite brand products in this catalog and in our other categories too, like home and lifestyle.