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Baby & Toddler Toys

Buy Newborn Baby And Toddlers Toys Online - Helping Babies Develop Senses

A newborn baby is completely new to the world. They are still in training to see with their eyes, feel with their hands, and taste with their tongue. They do not know how to bite or respond to visual or auditory cues. One way to help them learn faster and adjust to the world around them is with the use of toys. Interacting with different toys can be vital to understanding objects, sounds, and actions. At Raja Sahib online store, you can find one of the largest collections of newborn babies and toddlers' toys and playthings from the comfort of your home. Moreover, our affordable prices and free home delivery services ensure you can avail the latest and trendy toys for newborn babies in Pakistan.

Learning To Use Hands, Mouth, and Feet With Toys:

You might think your newborn only needs clean diapers, feeding, and sleep to grow the right way in their starting years. But playtime is a major part of your baby’s mental and emotional development. For their emotional and social growth, playing with toys and with other babies is very important. Through fun and games, infants learn about themselves, their bodies, other people, and the world around them. Playing can also help with their physical development, grow their brains, and encourage quick language development.

Here we have a list of different types of newborn baby and toddlers toys available at the Raja Sahib online store:

Basic Newborn Toys

The most popular toys for newborn babies are rattlers of different shapes and sizes. They make sounds when shaken and help your baby develop their muscles while staying entertained.

Newborn Play Gyms

Putting a musical play gym in your toddler’s room is the best thing you can do. They will spend countless hours being entertained by the hanging toys, musical instruments, and soft textured surfaces.

Learning Activity Toys

Toys like counting sets, alphabet blocks, puzzles, and Rubik's cubes are made for improving speech, motor skills, and sensory development. They are a fun activity for babies and toddlers to entertain themselves and learn about the world.

Building & Puzzle Toys

Putting things together and learning cause-effect via building and constructing is a necessity for child development. LEGO sets are popular worldwide for their creative and unique movie-themed and profession-themed toy sets.

Musical Toys

We have a large collection of musical toys for newborn babies and toddlers. These include Talking Tom cats, Dancing Cactuses, piano toys, and many more. These offer great fun for hours and also help your child recognize tunes, and develop their speech and listening.

Raja Sahib brings you trusted brand names for toys and games online like Hasbro, Pelikan, PlayGo, etc. Order now from our online store and entertain your little bundle of joy like never before.

You can browse for everything your toddler needs by price, brand, and color in one place and get it delivered right to your home.

Safe and Fun Toys For Babies Make Them Happy:

Safe toys for newborn babies and toddlers are vital. There can be no sharp parts or moving parts. They need to be painted with non-toxic paint and should be easy to clean. With our huge variety of newborn baby girl and baby boy toys, we make sure that Raja Sahib covers all opportunities for fun and games that your toddler needs to stay entertained and develop properly.