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Carriers & Bags

Newborn Baby Carriers & Bags at Raja Sahib Store

If you have a baby on the way then you most probably are looking for newborn essentials. Newborns require a lot of stuff from their bath care, feeding and cleaning set, diaper bags and other baby gear. One thing which is super important for you to buy as a parent is baby diaper bags and baby carriers. Raja Sahib has stored the best baby carriers and baby bags online for you.

Why Baby Bags are Important?

Babies require a lot of stuff and for that, you need a diaper bag to store all their essentials. Wherever you go all baby essentials must be with you because you never know what you’ll need at any time. You cannot use a large bag you might already have as it lacks interior pockets which are found in a diaper or nappy bag.

Multiple Pockets

A baby diaper bag has multiple pockets: inside and outside. From keeping milk formulas to baby feeders, towels, clothes, nappies and many other essentials have to be kept at all times. With multiple pockets on the bag, it becomes easier to store everything easily.

Strong, Durable Material

As a lot of stuff needs to be kept in a baby kit it has to have strong handles and be made up of durable material. Chicco baby diaper and kit bag, available at Raja Sahib, is made up of durable material and is specially designed to keep all baby essentials in one place.

Easy to Clean

Diaper bags tend to carry spilling feeders or dirty diapers or dirty clothes which can cause a smell. For that, washable and easy-to-clean bags become important.

Baby Bags for Girls

If you have had a newborn baby girl then pink color diapers and kit bags will go perfect. Beautiful and cute cartoons are made on them such as flamingos, ladybirds, flowers, etc.

Baby Bags for Boys

Blue-colored diaper bags for boys are also available. You can also get a whole set with 4 Pcs in blue color with cute cartoons made on them.

Best Baby Carriers for Newborns

Baby carriers are just as important as baby bags. They are soft padded carriers that you can wear on your front. This helps in conveniently working and also keeps your hands free from holding a baby. Newborns want their parents to hold them which can delay many tasks. But by using a baby carrier you can hold the baby and also work. It also won’t tire you from holding the baby too long.

Mothercare 3-way baby carrier

It is one of the best options out there. You can use it to make your baby facing towards you, can also be used to keep the baby outwards and lastly, you can use it on your back. It is ideal if you are thinking of going for a walk. The maximum weight it can hold is 12 kg.

Newborn Baby Bags and Beds at Raja Sahib

If you are looking for baby beds online, then look no more. At Raja Sahib Store, you will find perfect quality baby beds for girls and boys. They are made up of soft sheets, breathable mesh, waterproof vinyl, foam cushion, and a strong frame. Easy folding portable baby beds in multiple colors can be found at RS online and in stores.

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