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Panasonic Rechargeable Hair Trimmer ER 217S

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Model ER217S
Brand Panasonic
Type Rechargeable Hair Trimmer
Charging Time 8 hours
Operating Time/Charge 50 min

14 Cutting Length Adjustments
0.5 20 mm
Special Comb for Beard Trimming
Panasonic ER217s is a compact effectively designed washable hygienic trimmer. You can use the quick adjustable dial to set it for different size 1.0mm to 20mm of beard or hair cut.
It is rechargeable. So you can use cordlessly. Panasonic ER217s sports a thinning attachment that gives your hair a natural looking finish.
e plastic attachment over the blade is what makes ER217s a very effective trimmer. The attachment is nor too fat or too thin.
The curved design makes it easy to use ER217s while trimming beard or hair. It has a soft touch on your skin. And it effectively keeps the blade from touching your skin. So in one word Panasonic ER217s has a safe design for effective beard/hair trimming.

The Thinner is located on the other side of Panasonic ER217s. You can adjust the thinner to give your hair cut a natural finish by just stroking your hair with the ER217s.
Panasonic ER217s makes beard trimming a pleasant experience. Importantly it is not noisy. It does not get tangled with your beard even if they are long enough. It does not pull your beard.
It does not hurt your skin. And most importantly it trims your beard nicely and fast. You can trim your beard as short as 1mm.

When it comes to hair trimming Panasonic ER217s works like a professional barber. The adjustable thinner gives the natural finish to your trimmed hair.
It trims your hair fast and keeps them uniform in size.
It takes 8 hours to fully charge the Panasonic ER 217 s. Once fully charged you can use ER217s for three to five times over a week or over a month based on your trimming requirements and the size of your beard. However even the fully charged Panasonic ER217s may go out of juice when trimming long and dense hair especially if you use the Thinning feature to give your hair a natural finish.

Panasonic ER217s is washable. After using the trimmer a few couple of times you may want to use the Panasonic oil that comes with it. It works like magic giving the blades a new life.

Panasonic Rechargeable Hair Trimmer ER 217S
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