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Personal Care Appliances

Personal hygiene is the most important part of anyone’s life. It is one of the steps to keep you happy and healthy as your personal care will ultimately lead you to a healthy you. For your care, personal care products play a huge part in our lives and have a significant role. Raja Sahib sells all kinds of beauty & health care products at your service.

Beauty and Personal Care Products list at Raja Sahib

The personal care appliances list includes all products related to your health and care and also for shave and hair removal.


There are multiple types of removing hair methods, but an epilator can become your favorite. An epilator is an electric device for hair removal and is of different types. There are wet epilators to use while bathing, and dry epilators which are used without water.

Raja Sahib has stored epilators of different brands DSP, Philips, and Braun. You’ll find DSP 5-In-1 Beauty Tool Kit, Braun Wet & Dry Epilator, and many others.

Trimmers & shavers

Men love their beards, whereas women have makeup they have their beards to take care of. For this purpose, trimmers and shavers are the best styling tools and appliances for them. Grooming beards is really important as it gives a whole new look to your style and a neat look to your appearance.

Trimmers of brands available on our website are Panasonic, Geepas, Kemei, Philips, Dawlance, DSP, and Decakila. They are available as whole kits or individually, with some you can also have charging docks.

Hair stylers and curlers

Hair styling has become an important part of your overall look and styling. If you want to straighten your hair then straighteners are used for a sleek plain look and curlers for giving a curling shape to your hair.

Different types of hair stylers and curlers have their own niche, where one might be good for hair protection but the other might provide you with more heat. So while buying, do check their properties for hair care.

Hair dryers & straighteners

As the name states, hair dryers help in quickly drying your hair while also giving a bounce to your hair. Hair dryers come in multiple shapes and sizes, some might be heavy for you as hair styling requires time and patience.

You can also buy hair styling brushes which help create a sleek look while blow drying. Also, check the power voltage range if you want to dry your hair quickly. Browse the latest hair dryers and hair straighteners at online store.

Beauty and personal care products online 

If you are browsing for personal care products then Raja Sahib Store has surely stored all your needs in one place as a wholesale marketplace. You can find personal care products under our kitchen & electronic appliances at affordable prices.

Personal care products need to be used almost every day which is why one must invest in them. We have trusted brands in store for you such as Braun, Geepas, Dawlance, Panasonic, Kemei, West Point, Remington, and many others. So feel free to buy original products online and in-store.

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