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Eastern Wear (Boys)

Buy Kids Eastern Wear at Raja Sahib

Kids' eastern wear includes shalwar kameez, sherwani, kurta trousers and waistcoat with shalwar kameez. It needs to be of good quality with colors which kids will love. At Raja Sahib, you will find every design of kids' shalwar kameez at a very reasonable price.

Types of Boys Eastern Wear


A style which can be dated back to the Mughal period, sherwani has a class which cannot be beaten by any other South Asian dress for a wedding. From a groom to kids going to a wedding, sherwani suits everyone.

Boys' sherwani is knee-length and made up of comfortable material so that little boys won't feel uncomfortable while running around. On the front, it has buttons which are generally of gold. Self-printed sherwani is available at Raja Sahib in multiple colors. Some even have embroidery on them.

Waistcoat Shalwar Suit

At functions, parents tend to buy shalwar kameez with waistcoats so that it looks a little fancy. Plain-colored shalwar kameez with printed or embroidered waistcoat exudes classical vibes.

You can choose to wear a waistcoat on Eid days or if you are going to a wedding function as it won’t be suitable to wear every day.

Boys Shalwar Suit

Shalwar kameez holds an important status in Pakistan. As the kid has to wear a shalwar kameez every day then it should be of light material with no embroidery so it doesn’t annoy the kid. Kids' shalwar kameez made up of wash and wear material will serve you the best. It can be worn in all seasons.

Boys Eastern Wear brands in Pakistan

Raja Sahib online has stored multiple high-quality brands of eastern dresses. The brands we have available are Aleeshan Libas, Alien Cooper, Black Pearl, Holiday Junior, Sohaib Gulzar and Tony Land.

Guide to Buying Kids Eastern Dresses Online

Buying eastern dresses for girls & boys is easier at Raja Sahib. For your comfort, we have a filter section which you can use to buy the right match easily.

Specific Age Range:

For your convenience and ease, our filter section has multiple age ranges from 1-2 Yrs onward. Select the range your kid belongs to and the clothes, and accessories belonging to that age range will pop up. After selecting a certain shalwar suit you can also select the size in the description panel.

Multiple Co lours:

If you have a specific color in mind and you feel scrolling might be time-wasting then a color filter section is perfect for you. Every product color is linked to the color filter, just select the color of the shirt you are looking for and easily buy it.

Type of Fabric:

Season-specific clothing shopping is important as you can’t buy summer clothes in winter and vice versa. Fabric details are also given under each product so that you know which season it is appropriate for. Cotton and polyester are some of the fabric clothing currently available at

Sale on Kids' Eastern Dresses

Boys' eastern dresses also go on sale at Raja Sahib Store. You can visit our website to look for sales, especially during the festive season such as Eid or celebratory times such as the Azadi sale, defense day sale or season-ending sales.